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3 Steps to Superior Eye Care You Can Use for Healthy Vision Month

Healthy Vision Month

The National Eye Institute celebrates the month of May as Healthy Vision Month. The goal of this observance is to encourage Americans to take care of their eyes and preserve their vision.

We here at SPEX Seattle offer these 3 tips to help prevent problems with your eyesight.

See Your Eye Doctor Regularly

Professional intervention is the best way to uncover potential problems before they threaten your vision. See your eye doctor at least once a year. This gives your optometrist the ability to track the progress of degenerative diseases, prescribe treatments that delay or mitigate the effects of some conditions, and help you keep your corrective gear optimized.

For those with existing eye conditions like glaucoma, you may need to see your eye doctor more often. Talk to your medical staff and follow their recommendations.

Stay Safe in the Sun

Your eyes are covered with a membrane that is sensitive to UV light. Just like your skin, your retinas can develop burns from too much sun. Over-absorption of UV light can also compromise your vision and contribute to the development of cancerous conditions.

Use sunglasses while you're driving or enjoying time in the outdoors. For those who wear corrective lenses, prescription sunglasses make it easier to protect your vision from sun damage. Talk to your optometrist for more options.

Give Your Eyes a Rest

Our modern lifestyle means hours spent staring at screens. Too much screen time can weaken your eye muscles. Over time, you could lose your depth perception and develop the need for stronger corrective measures.

If you spend a lot of time online, incorporate breaks into your routine to preserve your eyes. For every 20 minutes you spend looking at your phone, tablet, or laptop, take a 20-second break. Use that time to focus your vision on objects that are at least 20 feet away from you. This simple yet effective exercise reduces eye strain that can compromise ocular muscles.

SPEX Seattle supports Healthy Vision Month. Make an appointment with our optometry specialists for more personalized advice on protecting your vision. Our number is (206) 682-9515

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