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National Children's Vision and Learning Month

National Children's Vision and Learning Month

As a parent in modern Seattle, you care about your child’s wellbeing. You’ve been doing everything you can to help nurture your child’s growth and development— from helping them learn to walk and talk to reading books aloud. But how much have you done for your child’s eyesight?

Don’t feel bad if this is an area you haven’t given much thought to. Especially If your child has not displayed any obvious vision problems, it’s an easy area to overlook! But in the spirit of carrying forward National Children’s Vision and Learning Month, here’s what you need to know about helping your child’s eyesight be the best that it can be. And no, it’s not just about optometry!

What is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month?

August was designated as National Children's Vision and Learning Month back in 1995. Since then, optometry field professionals and others have used this month to raise awareness and help families care about their children's vision— including the critical link eyesight shares with the ability to learn.

Contrary to common belief, eyes aren’t just a “luck of the draw” type of deal. While both genetics and, yes, luck, do play a role in how good someone’s vision is, so do a variety of outside factors. You can play a role in helping your child’s eyesight develop properly!

How You Can Help with Child Vision Development

It’s not just about taking your child to the optometrist. You can help with your child’s vision to develop in everyday life (outside of the eye doctor) in fun ways! Make sure they are regularly exposed to a wide array of colors and try playing “I spy” games with objects both near and far away.

Taking Visual Learning to the Next Level

There are so many great learning opportunities for children here in Seattle, and we’re not just talking about school! From great museums like MOMA and Pacific Science Center programs to various festivals throughout the year, there are so many places that offer visually stimulating learning. Allowing your child to see and experience different cultures, ideas and aspects of life now will help them grow into a more creative, forward-thinking adult.

Schedule an Eye Appointment for Your Child

Naturally, it’s still important that your child sees an optometrist. This is especially crucial if you notice they have difficulty seeing things (near, far or both), but you should take them in for a vision appointment anyway even if everything seems fine. The earlier their vision is corrected (if there are any issues), the better off their learning skills will be!

How long has it been since your child has been to the eye doctor? There's no better time than the present to schedule an eye appointment for your child. If you have any questions, just give us a call or drop by our offices. We’re here to help your child’s vision be the best it can be!

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