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Signs of Computer Vision

Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome

The use of computers all day every day at work, followed by time spent on devices in the evenings, can lead to a condition known as computer vision syndrome. This malady is treatable, but it is necessary to seek care from an optometrist if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms. Our Seattle optometry specialist at SPEX Eye Care is here to help those in our community safeguard their vision, especially when it comes to the side effects of our plugged-in lifestyles.

If You Have Any Of These Signs And Symptoms, Then It's Time To Visit Our Eye Doctor

Blurred vision, double vision, eye fatigue, and dry eyes are a few of the most common signs of computer vision syndrome. You may also be affected by your computer glare if you are experiencing headaches and neck and shoulder pain. If you have these symptoms on a regular basis, it's time to look into treatment. Without proper care, computer vision syndrome can lead to more serious problems.

Our optometrist can help you manage your symptoms and protect your eyes from computer vision syndrome. We recommend that anyone who works on computers or use their electronic devices for long periods wear glasses designed to minimize glare, wear specially-coated lenses to reduce blue light, and take frequent breaks to give the eyes a rest.

SPEX Eye Care is Here to Meet All of Your Vision Care Needs

If you are suffering from the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, or it's time for your annual eye exam, give us a call today at 206-682-9515 (Seattle) or 425-747-3937 (Bellevue) to make an appointment. It's important to visit an eye doctor on a regular basis in order to protect your vision. Don't wait until your computer vision issues become worse before you seek medical care.

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