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Common Eye Injuries

Eye Injury Treatment and Prevention With Our Seattle Optometry Team

Most people experience temporary eye discomfort or minor eye injuries at some point. At SPEX Eye Care, serving Bellevue and Seattle, our optometry staff encourages you to know the common types of eye injury and know when to seek help.

Common Types of Eye Injury

An eye injury can happen anywhere and at any time. Here are the ones we see most often:

  • Photokeratitis (eye "sunburn")
  • Chemical burn (caustic or toxic substance in the eye)
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage (leaking blood from a broken blood vessel—this is usually quite painless)
  • Black eye (hematoma)
  • Traumatic iritis (inflammation of colored part of the eye, often from a poke or jab)
  • Corneal abrasion (scratch)
  • Foreign object penetration (e.g., fish hook, shard of glass or wood)
  • Orbital bone fracture
  • Globe blow out (eyeball rupture)

How Our Seattle Eye Doctor Staff Addresses Eye Injury

The best "treatment" for an eye injury is prevention! Ask our Seattle and Bellevue eye doctor team about durable prescription eyewear, including eye glasses and contact lenses, which will be safe to wear during work, sports, and leisure activities. We can also fit you for prescription sunglasses that protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

We can also advise you on task-specific protective gear, including goggles, helmets, and face shields, which may be needed to protect both your eyes and eyewear.

If and when you do sustain an eye injury, be prepared to take action:

  • If it's a severe injury, call 911 or seek emergency medical attention right away
  • Do not rub nor touch your eyes. This could spread germs and lead to eye infection!
  • Call our eye doctor for tips on what to do and how to relieve symptoms safely (cool compresses, over-the-counter medications, etc.)
  • Schedule an eye exam. We can assess your eye injury to evaluate the extent of damage, prescribe helpful treatments including medicated eye drops and eyewear modifications, and refer you to specialists as necessary

Worried About Eye Injury?

Contact SPEX Eye Care at 206-682-9515 (Seattle) or 425-747-3937 (Bellevue) to ask an optometrist about eye injury or schedule an appointment.

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