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Why To Schedule Your Eye Doctor Visit Today

Why You Should See an Eye Doctor Today

Many people think optometry and visiting an optometrist is only needed when they experience an issue with their vision. What they don’t know is that an eye doctor can diagnose other issues in your body by performing a few painless tests on your eyes. SPEX Seattle can provide the appropriate tests needed to make sure your eyes are clear and healthy.

Detecting Glaucoma Early 

It is essential to schedule a yearly eye exam to test for Glaucoma. Glaucoma shows no noticeable symptoms when it first appears. Some of the worst symptoms, such as permanent vision loss, cannot be reversed by the time you see an eye doctor. An annual exam can detect the disease before it rears its ugly head and prevent it from becoming worse.

Early Detection of Tumors and Cancer

During a routine eye exam, the optometrist will examine your eyes for any abnormalities such as misshapen eyes or issues with your cornea that may be a sign of a tumor or cancer. If signs of a tumor or cancer are found, your eye doctor can refer you to a specialist so you can receive treatment as soon as possible.

Prevent Hypertension and Diabetes-Related Issues 

Your eye doctor can determine if you have hypertension by observing the blood vessels in your eyes. If the blood vessels are bent out of shape or torn, that may be a sign you are suffering from hypertension. Your eye doctor can also diagnose diabetic retinopathy. Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy include vision loss and dark floating spots that hinder your vision. With an annual eye exam, you can avoid costly treatments if these ailments become severe.

Eye Exams in Seattle, WA

If it’s time for your annual eye exam appointment, or you’re concerned about an issue with your eyes, call our Seattle optometrist at SPEX Seattle today! Your eye health is our top priority and we’ll have you leaving with clear vision. For more information call us today at 206-682-9515.

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