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Signs of Sight Loss

Man suffering from loss of vision

Our SPEX Eye Care in Seattle, WA Discusses Sight Loss

The idea of sight loss can be scary. Many conditions that cause sight loss are preventable and treatable. Our Seattle & Bellevue optometry center, SPEX Eye Care, has caring optometrists who are able to help you prevent and treat issues that cause sight loss.

What Causes Sight Loss?

One of the leading factors in the loss of sight is age. 25% of Americans over the age of 65 deal with some level of sight loss. There are a variety of vision and medical conditions that can contribute to the loss of sight.

What Conditions Can Cause Sight Loss?

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of sight loss. Cataracts can be removed with a simple surgery, and typically are not serious. Diabetic retinopathy is another condition that can cause sight loss. This condition occurs in people who have diabetes. When detected early, vision can be saved most of the time.

Glaucoma is another condition that can cause loss of sight. When someone has glaucoma, pressure builds in the eye. This is often painless, and vision loss can occur suddenly and without warning. When glaucoma is detected early, it can be treated and vision may be saved. The leading cause of blindness in Americans over the age of 55 is macular degeneration. This serious condition is treatable with laser therapy. Retinitis pigmentosa, or RP, is another leading cause of vision loss. RP is a genetic condition that causes a gradual loss of vision over time. There is currently no treatment available for RP.

Regular Eye Exams

Just like it's important to have a yearly checkup with your doctor, it's important to have yearly eye exams as well, especially if you've experienced vision problems in the past.

Call SPEX Eye Care in Seattle and Bellevue Today!

If you're experiencing problems with your vision, or it's been a while since you last saw an optometrist, it's time to get your eyes checked. Call our Seattle & Bellevue optometry center, SPEX Eye Care, today at 206-682-9515 (Seattle) or 425-747-3937 to schedule an appointment today.

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