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An Overview of Sports Vision from SPEX Seattle

Sports are a great way for people to stay in shape while also learning about commitment, teamwork, passion, and discipline. At the same time, sports are also incredibly competitive. With many players enrolling in individualized workouts with professional trainers at an early age, the field is more competitive than ever. This is where sports vision can provide an important benefit. While many people hear sports vision and think about protection, this is not quite what sports vision is. Sports vision is a subset of optometry that focuses on optimizing someone's vision for competitive athletics.


An Evaluation for Sports Vision

Sports vision is a field of optometry that focuses on increasing the visual skills that are necessary for competitive athletics. First, we are going to look at someone's individual visual fields. An optometrist with our team will make sure that people can see clearly. Then, we are going to measure a few other visual parameters that are specific to sports. For example, we are going to evaluate someone's ability to track objects as they move across the visual fields. Then, we are going to test someone's ability to track multiple objects at once. Finally, we are going to measure depth perception as well. Our goal is to improve the ability of athletes to track multiple objects and players in time and space.

Sports Vision Training

After we have finished our evaluation, we are going to provide our athletes with a plan for how we are going to improve their sports vision. This might include exercises that are designed to improve someone's ability to track objects in time and space. This might also include techniques that can help someone improve color differentiation and depth perception in varying levels of light. Just as it is important for someone to train their muscles for strength, speed, and endurance, people need to train their eyes as well. This is where the true benefit of sports vision arrives. It is critical for athletes to rely on a trained optometrist who can provide this kind of service. Sports vision plays an essential role.

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At SPEX Seattle, we are proud to provide comprehensive eye care services to those in need. This includes sports vision from a trained eye doctor. With the help of an eye doctor from our practice, we can make sure that everyone who comes to see us has access to eye care services that include not only preventative care from also acute care as well. If you are looking for an eye doctor who can provide you with sports vision services, then, give us a call today to make an appointment!

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